St Brides, Fleet Street
St Brides has Wren's tallest spire (226')  Samuel Pepys was baptised in the church in 1633. I like this shot, as it shows most of the east end of the building and also the unusual spire in the same picture.
Location: Fleet Street, EC4Y 8AU
St Clement, Eastcheap
The earliest record of a church on this site dates from the 11th century. It refers to 'St Clement Candlewickstrate' in the area which was later to become Eastcheap, or the 'East market'.
Location: Clement's Lane, EC4N 7AE
St Dunstan in the West
This is the most Westerly church in the City. Although is escaped the Great Fire, it was entirely rebuilt in 1833.
Location: Fleet Street, EC4A 2EA
St Edmund the King and Martyr
Another Wren Church. This Church is unusual in the respect it is built North to South instead of the usual West to East.
Location: Lombard Street, EC3V 9AN
St Ethelberga's
The present building is very recent, as the original Church was destroyed by an IRA bomb in 1993. This is the smallest City Church, with a parish of 3 acres!
Location: Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AG
St Ethelreda's Chapel (Roman Catholic)
St Ethelreda's is the oldest pre-Reformation Roman Catholic Church in London. Built in 1291, it is the only surviving part of a palace built for the Bishop of Ely.
Location: Ely Place, EC1N 6RY
St Giles, Cripplegate    (12 bells, 34 cwt)
It is said there has been a Church on this site for a 1000 years. The present one dates to the 17th century, although much altered since (due to fire a couple of times.)
Location: Barbican,  EC2Y 8DA
St Helen Bishopsgate
St Helen Bishopsgate was formed originally of two medieval churches joined together. Damaged by a terrorist bomb in 1992, but since rebuilt. Location: Great St. Helens, EC3A 6AT
St James Garlickhythe
The present Church was built by Wren in 1676-83, but its spire was later, of 1714-17. Apart from St Paul's, the forty foot high ceiling is the highest in the City.
Location: Garlick Hill, EC4V 2AL
St Katharine Cree
The tower of this building dates back to 1504, but the main body of the Church is more recent (1628.) The organ (1686) was played by Handell and Purcell.
Location: Leadenhall Street, EC3A 3DH
St Lawrence Jewry    (8 bells, 24 cwt)
Built by Wren, 1670-87. It was badly gutted on 29th December 1940. Restored in 1957, it is now the official Church of the Corporation of London.
Location: Gresham Street, EC2V 5AA
St Magnus the Martyr
The original Church of St Magnus the Martyr was built in 1176. After the Great Fire, Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt the church on the same site.
Location: Lower Thames Street, EC3R 6DN
St Margaret Lothbury
A Wren church of 1686, raises its white stone tower and lead obelisk in front of some of the tallest buildings in the City. It is opposite the Bank of England.
Location: Lothbury, EC2V 8EX
St Margaret Pattens
Built in 1684 - 87 by Wren, it's one of his plainest Churches. Today St Margaret Pattens is the regular home of the Anglo-Filipino Charismatic Episcopal Church.
Location: Rood Lane, EC3M 1HS
St Martin Ludgate
This Church was rebuilt in 1677-1687. There is a lot of 17th century work within the church, such as the altar, pulpit, and spectacular bookcases. The font is also 17th century.
Location: Ludgate Hill, EC4M 7DE
St Mary Abchurch
Wren 1681-87. This is one of wren's least altered churches since it was built. It did however sustain some damage in WWII.
Location: Abchurch Lane, EC4N 7BA
St Brides, Fleet Street - St Mary Abchurch
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