St Mary at Hill
Built by Wren (1670-6), except the tower of 1780, on the site of an earlier church dating from the twelfth century. Damaged by fire in 1988, but subsequently rebuilt, and the organ restored. Location: Lovat Lane, EC3R 8EE
St Mary Aldermary
A former medieval church, largely destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666, it was rebuilt in 1679-82 by Wren. Supposedly called "Aldermary", meaning older (than St. Mary le Bow!)
Location: Bow Lane, EC4N 4SJ
Another view of St Mary at Hill, from the West end.
St Mary le Bow    (12 bells, 42 cwt)
Designed by Wren 1670-83. The interior was restored in 1964, after war damage. Famous for its bells. You can find information elsewhere about these. Location: Cheapside, EC2V 6AU
St Mary Moorfields
The present church was designed by George Sherrin (architect of the dome of the Brompton Oratory), and was dedicated in 1903.
Location: Eldon Street, EC2M 7LS
St Mary Woolnoth
Built during 1716 - 27, this building is one of the finest churches created by Nicholas Hawksmoor, who was Sir Christopher Wren's pupil!
Location: Lombard Street, EC3V 9AN
St Michael Cornhill    (12 bells, 42 cwt)
The gothic tower of St Michael Cornhill is sometimes called Wren's last work (it was finished in 1721) but, as with the previous Church, was actually designed by his pupil Nicholas Hawksmoor. The rest of the church is by Wren. Location: Cornhill, EC3V 9DS
St Michael Paternoster Royal
This is one of Wren's later churches (1714-17.) Richard Whittington, Mayor of London, who lived next door and paid for the church to be rebuilt in 1409, was buried in the pre-Wren church.
Location: College Hill, EC4R 2RL
St Nicholas Cole Abbey
This was the first City church rebuilt by Wren after the Great Fire, at a cost of 5042 6s 11d!  St Nicholas is presently rented out to the Free Church of Scotland.
Location: Queen Victoria Street, EC4V 4BJ
St Olave Hart Street    (8 bells, 12 cwt)
St Olave Church dates from about 1450. St Olaf is Norway's patron saint. Samuel Pepys attended church here, and would sit overlooking the congregation in the Navy Gallery (now gone.) Location: Hart Street, EC3R 7NB
St Peter upon Cornhill
The Church was built by Wren in 1677-87. St Peter upon Cornhill is reputedly the oldest place of Christian worship in London. Couldn't get back far enough for a decent shot!
Location: Cornhill, EC3V 9DS

St Stephen Walbrook
Built 1672-7. Perhaps one of the most famous of Wren's Churches, where the architect experimented with designs for St Paul's Cathedral. The Samaritans were founded here.
Location: Walbrook, EC4N 8BN
St Vedast alias Foster    (6 bells, 16 cwt)
Wren 1695 - 1712. The most distinctive feature, namely the steeple, was constructed in 1709-12. During WWII the church was gutted by fire; only the walls, tower and steeple survived. Subsequently rebuilt by Stephen Dykes Bower.
Location: Foster Lane, EC2V 6HH
St Sepulchre without Newgate    (10, 31cwt)
This is the largest church in the City. The tower and outer walls were built around 1450. Rebuilt by Wren in 1670-71. The ashes of Sir Henry Wood, Founder of the Proms are interred in the Church. Location: Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2DQ
Temple Church
Seemingly two Churches joined together. The Round Church was consecrated in 1185. The Chancel was built in 1240. Click here to learn more. Location: Inner Temple Lane, EC4Y 7BB
St Mary Aldermary - St Vedast alias Foster
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