Adisham walk

This walk really needs to be done on a fine day to enjoy the extensive views near its end. The walking is generally very easy, along byways and well maintained paths across arable land, including some of the North Downs Way.

O/S ref: TR228542
Length: 7¼miles
Approximate time: 2½-3 hours
Parking: Village green in Adisham
Refreshments: Public houses and tea-rooms in Bridge

The walk

Start by the triangular green area near the church. Walk along The Street in a south-westerly direction. After what used to be a pub on the left (Bulls Head), turn left along a public footpath. Walk between the pub and a hedge to the right, then go though a gate, bearing right after, to be on the right edge of a field. Go through another gate in the far right corner, following the right field-edge, soon to come to a path on the right. Turn half-left after crossing a stile, soon arriving at an enclosed section which leads to a lane.

Turn right onto the lane, following it for about 100 metres before turning right at a signpost (on the left of the lane) to walk across a field. Go through a gap along the far side of this field, then follow a path, then cross a stile to walk diagonally to the far left corner, crossing a stile to follow an enclosed path to a road. Turn left onto the road for a short while, before turning right at Woodlands Road. Proceed for 200 metres or so before turning left to follow a byway (1).

The next 1400 metres are along this mainly enclosed byway, which can sometimes be muddy, ignoring any paths left or right. After this distance, the path opens out to the left. Here, follow the path as it bears right at a field corner. Walk a few paces, then turn left to follow a track here, keeping to the left of Walk Wood further on. Skirt the edge of the wood, following the path until the North Downs Way path intersects with it. Turn right here (2) to Follow this national trail for a while.

The North Downs Way runs parallel to the A2 road for some distance, as it crosses 2 lanes. After the second lane, the path becomes enclosed for a short while, before coming out to be on the right edge of a field. Carry on with a wooded area to the right. Where this wooded area finishes, turn half-left – the path now converges with the A2, and can become a bit noisy because of this. Walk next to the A2, the path crossing a lane further along. At this lane, you could make a detour to Bridge if you needed any sustenance, and visit one of the public houses or tea-rooms.

Carry on to a way-marker, turning right at it to leave the North Downs Way (3). Walk along an enclosed bridleway, with woods to the left for about 800 metres, until it comes out onto a lane. Turn right to walk about 200 metres along the lane, before bearing left at a bridleway signpost, to walk in an easterly direction across a field. Turn right onto another lane for a few paces, turning left at another bridleway signpost – not always easy to see this one, as it can be somewhat obscured if the area has become overgrown. Go right at a boundary between fields, to walk in an ESE direction. Cross a lane, by a rather novel cottage name spelt out with spanners!

Where the lane bears left at a cottage, go through a gate to walk gradually downhill, maintaining the  ESE direction. The path starts to climb steadily a bit further on until it reaches a triangulation pillar, with a bench dedicated to Jane Paterson near it. A great place to rest for a while and enjoy the extensive views over this part of Kent… I'm sure Jane used to!

After taking in the views, carry on downhill, turning left at the far corner rather than following a way-marker ahead. Walk about 600 metres, along the right edge of fields, before turning right at a way-marker (this was actually missing last time I did the walk, so it may be a bit awkward to find). A way-point is included (4), so if you have a navigation toy, you'll be alerted to the turn.

Follow an ESE direction to come to the outskirts of Adisham. After passing a recreation area, turn left in front of the village hall, continuing along the road back to the start.

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