Around Ashburton

An attractive Town near Buckfast, Ashburton used to be a stannary Town. This means the area was used for mining tin in years gone by. There were numerous stannaries in Devon and Cornwall.

These shots were taken during a circular walk from Buckfast.
Walking into Ashburton from the west. A rather telephoto type shot!
After walking a hundred metres or so from the previous photo location, St. Andrews Church is to the right.
The interior of St. Andrews Church.
The Town Hall. Bunting in evidence, as it also is in some of the Buckfastleigh photos. Must be a local festival time? (early-mid September.)
Somerfield... why is a supermarket the subject? Well, this used to be a gaming house. There is still evidence of this, as some of the slates have the card suits on them.
Looking eastwards along East Street. More bunting!
John Wesly, the founder of the Methodist Church passed through Ashburton and declared it "the most heathen town he had ever visited". He would however be proud of this Church?
The Chapel of St Lawrence is one of Ashburton's oldest buildings. It started its life as a private chapel for the Bishop of Exeter. It's now being used as a heritage centre.

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