Atlanta, Georgia
The following photos were taken during some welcome time out during the period I worked at Atlanta. The first few are in the really impressive Tallulah Gorge State Park. The photos here don't seem to do justice to this area of great natural beauty. It's one of those things you have to see for yourself to get some sort of perspective.

The final four shots are of "Stone mountain", just outside Atlanta. I could have taken the cable-car up to the top, but decided it was probably better for my health to walk each way. There is a pretty steep part near the top for the "die-hard" walkers!
One of the first views I got of the area. Notice the bridge below? We'll be crossing that on our "return path."
A shot to try and get some perspective of the height we are here.
Another shot to get some perspective, looking the other way.
We'll be crossing the bridge in front of the dam pictured here, to the other side of the gorge soon.
A "maximum zoomed" shot just before crossing the dam, looking back to the bridge featured earlier..
Right; I've built you up for this moment! We're on the aforementioned (a couple of times) bridge now. This was a pretty wobbly thing, and you could imagine someone shouting to you "break steps now chaps!"
Okay, the "we" I have being employing here isn't the "Royal we", I meant me and my two colleagues pictured here, Siggi on the left, taking a picture of me, and Davy on the right, either loading his camera or possibly looking for a really "arty" shot?
Don't quite know what I was trying to prove here, but this is the shot of me (by Siggi,) just after me taking the previous one!! Sent to me as an original scanned image of a transparency!
Stone Mountain. The mountain allegedly contains the largest amount of exposed granite in the world. Also the largest "relief carving", pictured here.
At the top of Stone Mountain. The view along the cable-car route looks just a short way from the bottom, but believe me, if you've just walked it, it's not that near!
Another view from the top of Stone Mountain. Atlanta should be ahead, but this day was somewhat misty, so it can't be easily seen in this shot.
A splendid steam locomotive that used to have the arduous duty of pulling spectators around the periphery of Stone Mountain. She's now enjoying retirement, and looking good for her age!