Blackmore, Essex
I thought this gallery was worth including. It was taken during a walk from Mill Green, Essex, and went through Blackmore.

It shows how an area can differ within half a mile or so. The start is through Stoneymore Wood and Deerslade Wood. This is a bit "Blair Witch" at times (if you've seen the film!) It then opens up for a while, and you can see for miles. It ends by skirting another couple of woods on the return journey.
A small clearing in Stoneymore Wood. The clearing was probably made by felling all the bits of tree you can see here.
A "Blair Witch" part of the walk!
Some fishermen enjoying a Sunday afternoon pursuing their hobby.
A pretty freaky looking dead tree. I don't know how it met its fate, maybe a lightening strike?
A shot looking back to the wood I've just walked through.
This is one of two shots which look over some really open countryside. On these photos, you can see a great distance.
Again, due to the really flat terrain, you can see for miles in this photo.
If it were a person living here, they would have an acute case of acne!
The rather intriguing west end of Blackmore Church. It looks like the builders had several attempts at finishing the typically Essex style tower!
Inside the tower of Blackmore Church, just to prove it was all planned from the start! Note there is a five bell carillon here. I couldn't get back far enough to get all I wanted in this shot!
The attractive High Street in Blackmore.
A really lucky (and possibly rich) person having a new house built in this attractive area.
I couldn't resist the one of this lake on the return leg of the walk.
This board on the lytch gate of the Church is a stark reminder of the brevity of life!