Bradwell on sea
The photos here were taken during a walk on the East coast of Essex. Bradwell power station is shown initially, then ancient chapel of "St Peter's on the wall" has a good airing

I started this 11 mile walk a bit later than I should have, and it got quite dark towards the end. I had to "up the pace" a little! I had visions of getting badly lost at times. As you can see, I'm here to tell the story however (not wandering around the Dengie peninsular, still sniffing out my earlier tracks!)
The now defunct Bradwell power station. It was opened in 1962, and lived out its planned life-span of 40 years before being closed in 2002. It was one of a number of "magnox" nuclear power stations with a similar life-span. It's going to take a long time to completely decommission however.
The first view I got of the ancient Chapel of "St. Peter's on the wall". This Chapel was built in the 7th century! The "on the wall" part of its name comes from the fact that this Saxon Chapel was built on the gateway of a Roman fortress. Bits of Roman roof tiles can be seen in the walls!         
A closer view of the outside...
...and the rather austere inside.
Looking back at St. Peter's Chapel. You can just make it out.
Whoops! My shadow is a bit longer than I'd like it here. I realised about an hour before this shot was taken that it would be getting pretty dark when I got back. I had never done this walk before, so had visions of getting hopelessly lost.
Still about 15 minutes 'till I get back to base, but I couldn't resist this shot!
Another irresistible shot. This part of the walk was the same as the outbound part. An almost identical shot to the earlier one, but this one of the Bradwell power plant looks a lot more sinister!