Around Buckfast
The name Buckfast is a contraction of Buck (tied) fast.

The main feature of Buckfast is its abbey. The present abbey was built by the monks, and essentially finished in 1937 after 32 years work. Click here to learn more.
The West of the Abbey Church in late summer evening sun.
A small Methodist chapel just opposite the Abbey. This chapel invites people of many faiths to come in and worship.
The "monastic shop" near the Abbey. All sorts of goods are sold here from all over the World.
A water wheel near the entrance to the monastic shop. I'm not quite sure what the energy it absorbs is used for!
Part of the herb garden within the grounds of the Abbey. It has four different kinds of herbs. The ones pictured here of the poison kind, hence the barrier and "moat"!
A lavender garden within the grounds of the Abbey, with many strains of lavender on display. A very popular "haunt" with the local bees!
A view from Hembury castle, a mile or so outside Buckfast. This is the best view I got, and I was a bit disappointed, as I'd spent a lot of energy getting up to it!
This explains the Hembury castle site. I took it to show here without doing any further research!
The interior of Buckfast Abbey.
There is a chapel on the end of the Abbey which has this window on its east.
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