A walk around Buckfastleigh Moor

Just on the southeast fringe of Dartmoor, this area can seem very remote in parts, as there can be no sign of civilization (apart from all the old disused tin mines)!

The walk these photos were taken on, starts from Holne, ascends to Ryder's Hill, walks along the ridge to Pupers Hill, then descends to walk along part of the Abbots Way.

Ryder's Hill is the highest point in south Dartmoor, and has some splendid views.
Just outside Michelcombe, we're just about to start our climb.
We're going to leave civilization behind at this point, and wander onto the moor...
...getting ever higher in the process.
Carrying on our ascent, Venford Reservoir can be seen here.
This area used to be extensively mined for tin. Here is evidence that there has been some serious digging in this location sometime in the past.
I was a bit relieved to see this sight. There is no definite path here, and I've just been using a map and compass for the last mile or two!
There's a reward for getting to this point, at the top of Ryder's Hill. It starts with this view back to where we've come from.
This is looking southwest. Some parts here are a great deal further away than they look. In the far distance, you can see out to sea.
The sun has just popped out, so let's get this view of the Petre's Bound Stone, Petre on the Mount (the two stones) and the trig pillar.
We're about to walk along this ridge to our next destination - Pupers Hill. You can't see Pupers Hill yet, because it's hidden behind Snowdon (not the famous Welsh mountain!)
Heading for a cairn on Pupers Hill.
Getting closer.
Before we start our descent, let's have a good look around. No commentary for a few shots.
The dam on the Avon can be seen in this shot. Go here for more.
After a little while descending, just a quick glance back to where we've been.
The last few shots are mainly from along the Abbots way.
Looking in the direction of Ryder's Hill. We've just walked the hills in this shot.
Gently descending in the direction of Holne.
This little clapper bridge signifies that it's time to leave the Abbot's Way, and head for Holne. At least it saves getting my boots wet!
Although there's another appearance of Holne, with pretty much the same view in another gallery, I've included this one. It makes this gallery complete. Sorry there's no interior shot of the church!
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