Around Cambridge

Cambridge is one of my favourite Cities. I used to be just over a half hours drive from it when I worked in Essex.

I often combined visits there for exploring the City, then going to either St. John's or King's College Chapels for their splendid choral evensongs.

This gallery is a whistle-stop tour round Cambridge, followed by some aerial views from the tower of Great St. Mary's.

The photos are not in any particular order, but were taken during a sort of figure of eight walk around the City.

Sorry to any colleges and other fine buildings I have left out, but these were picked from just one afternoons worth of photos. Maybe back for more sometime!
Pembroke College (1347) viewed from Trumpington Street.
Another view of Pembroke.
Peterhouse (1284) also viewed from Trumpington Street.
Fitzwilliam museum also in trumpington Street. A museum for art founded in 1816.
A bridge over the river Cam, supporting part of Silver Street. Queen's College (1448) can be seen behind it.
The famous "mathematical bridge" at Queen's viewed from the Silver Street bridge. Originally built in 1749. Most recently rebuilt 1905.
A view down Silver Street with Queen's on the left.
Queen's Lane with Queen's on the right.
King's Parade with King's College (1441) to the left.
One of the most famous College Chapels in England, if not the World. King's College Chapel.
Looking West along Trinity Lane. Part of Trinity College (1546) can be seen to the right.
Slightly further back from the previous shot. The chimneys have more definition in this shot (well - that's my excuse for including two similar pics!)
If you want a book for your studies, the chances are that it can be found in this book-shop!
St John's College (1511) can be seen to the left here.
The Chapel of St John's College.
The "round Church" (Church of the Holy Sepulchre, circa 1130) just opposite from St John's College Chapel.
Just a brief moment off from Colleges to look at some shops. These are part of the Lion Yard complex.
An interesting development of part of the old Addenbrokes hospital, viewed from Tennis Court Lane. Now part of the "University of Cambridge".
Back to Trumpington Street. St Bottolph's in the foreground, with Corpus Christi College (1352) behind.
Almost opposite from the previous shot, part of St Catherine's College (1473.)
Another couple of "shopping shots" before turning our attention to Great St Mary's, and its tower! This one of the market...
...And this one looking along St Andrew's Street. Not sure if the people here like having their photos taken?
The Church of Great St Mary, often referred to as "University Church of Cambridge". After legging it up the tower, we'll see some more of Cambridge!
Where else to view first?! Let's start by looking at King's College Chapel (unfortunately somewhat into the sun.)
Squaring up from the previous shot and looking west. The Old Schools (1350) is directly in front. The Senate House is on the extreme right. The tower in the background is part of the Cambridge University Library.
Looking north-west. The building at the front here is part of Gonville and Caius College. Trinity is in the middle distance. The Chapel of John's can be seen at the back.
Looking east to the market square. Part of the Guildhall can be seen to the right. Notice how the Church chancel is offset? This is so in many Churches, supposedly to symbolise the head of Christ on the cross.
King's Parade and King's to the right. St Edward, King and Martyr is the Church in the near foreground. St Bene't further back, just right of centre.
One of two shots pointing the camera almost directly down. In this shot, the junction between Kings Parade and St Mary's passage can be seen.
Looking down to King's Parade.