London City Churches
This is a gallery I've been meaning to add for some while now, but until recently I hadn't taken all the necessary photos to release it.

It's quite amazing to walk around the "City" among its huge buildings during weekends. At times, you don't see many people. A lot different to the daily scramble during the week. If you look around some of the small back-streets, you can find some real gems!

The Churches featured are within what is considered the "square mile" of London City. This is where the City as we know it today grew from.

I would like to have included some more interior shots of the Churches, but during the weekend, there are not too many open (apart from for services.)

The gallery is organised alphabetically in three different sections. There are some audio clips for selected Churches of their bells being rung. Click on the speaker icon to hear them.

These photos were taken during about 4 sessions, hence the variable weather conditions!

There is a fourth gallery which contains Church ruins and defunct Churches.

Audio clips were ripped from a CD which I have, titled "Church Bells of England", originally recorded on the Saydisc label.

If you're really adept at integrating Internet resources, you can listen to a bell-ringing audio clip, and view the building it relates to at the same time!
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Gallery 3 (St Mary Aldermary ~
Gallery 4 (Church ruins)
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