A few Dartmoor tors

A gallery taken around a few of Dartmoor's central eastern area tors. The main tor in this area is haytor, and it features in quite a few of the shots.

The commentary is fairly minimal as the pictures speak for themselves.
Haytor (Haytor rocks.) This is our last destination on this walk. There's going to be quite a few different perspectives of this however!
Walking to the right of the previous shot, we have to scale this small group of rocks...
...then beyond.
...to this area...
A brief look back to Haytor.
A few views from Black Hill.
Looking towards Widecombe in the moor.
Looking back to Black Hill, on our way to the next destination.
Captured a bit of "horseplay" on the way!
This is the destination alluded to a short while ago! Holwell Tor is ahead.
Another quick glance toward Haytor. Don't worry, we'll be there before too long.
While we're on Holwell Tor, let's have a look around.
We've been standing on top of this for the last few shots.
Our final goal. The easiest route to the top is by walking from the extreme right side of this picture. We're however going to take a more awkward way, just right of centre-picture!
Now on the way to our final and highest destination. Just a glance to the right before though.
On our way outlined in the previous photo commentary. This is a bit steeper than it looks here.
Enjoy the views.
There are two rock "stacks" at Haytor. Here is someone standing on the other one.
Cut into the stack, here are some aids to get you to where we've been for the last few shots!
This is the most arduous way to the top. This guy is a lot braver than me!
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Zoomed on Widecombe again.