A circular walk from Buckfast going through Ashburton

Another gallery of a walk originating from Buckfast. This time, we're going east and north-east of Buckfast. We have to go south a bit first, because that's the only way over the river Dart for a some distance.

After crossing the A38, there's a bit of a climb along a narrow byway to a junction named "five lanes" (for those looking on an OS map to find it!) There's no way you could drive a car along the byway we're using however!
Zoomed in on Buckfast from "five lanes". From here you can see a lot of the area around here is fairly wooded.
Just turning a bit to the right of the previous shot.
Over the ridge, this is looking south-east from "five lanes".
Walking a bit further east there is this hamlet.
Some cattle in the same direction. There always seems to be one or two on look-out duty. There are four here though, watching my every step!
A pretty isolated farmstead. Sorry for the squiffyness of the shot (if there is such a word!)
Part of the network of lanes that I've used to get here.
A small farmstead at Pridhamsleigh. We'll be passing this on the return leg of the walk.
Our attentions have now turned to the journey to Ashburton. This is the lane we'll be following for the most part.
One gust of wind, and this barn will not be here!
Walking into Ashburton. A view between houses. There's not many shots of the town here, as it can be found elsewhere in these galleries.
Looking through the gate towards the north porch of the church.
On our way out of Ashburton.
There are no feasible footpath alternatives to this part of our walk, so this follows the road from Ashburton to Buckfast.
As promised, Pridhamsleigh from within. There's this shot...
...and this one. Taken on another day, with another lens! This looks more in the direction we were walking earlier.
On our way back into Buckfast. The south gate to the abbey site.

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