The area around Holne and Scorriton

Some pictures taken around the aforementioned parts of Devon. These villages are a delightful example of rural Devon. The pictures here were taken during a circular walk from Buckfast.

The day these were taken was pretty overcast, but this didn't really affect the enjoyment had during the walk.

This is the first time I've been in this area since I got my Canon EOS 350D camera, so please forgive one shot here (and it is only one,) which may be fairly similar to one already in these galleries!
One of two shots to get an idea of the weather conditions, before we start the walk proper!
The second of those shots. We're soon going to be able to see Scorriton.
Here is Scorriton, taken at a pretty high focal length...
...and a similar one of Holne.
Another view of Holne, but from further north.
I didn't have my ultra-wide angle lens with me on this occasion, so this is the best I could do to get both villages in the same shot. Scorriton on the left, Holne on the right.
We've been going up-hill for a while now. This shot looks back to where we've been walking.
While we're at this vantage point, let's have a shot of this wooded area.
In Holne now. This is the local, the Church House Inn...
...and a view of the church. A fairly similar picture can be found at another place in these galleries!
The first of two shots taken on our way out of Holne. This looks south.
This is the "reverse angle" of the previous shot, looking back towards Holne.
On the road to Scorriton now. I just had to stop for this view!
A bit further down the road. This was a desperate attempt to make the views here look as they actually were!!! Going steeply down-hill here.
I really tried to make this rather attractive pig look at the camera, by trying to make some unusual noises, but it just didn't play ball! This was the best shot I could get.
The golden jubilee for the Queen of the British Isles was in 2002. This stool near Scoriton is a celebration.
Just about to cross a bridge on our way in to Scorriton.
This a the local pub at Scorriton, The Tradesmans Arms...
...and a few cottages on the opposite side of the road.
I managed to get the attention of a couple of young bulls on my way back to Buckfast.

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