General photos of the S-E Dartmoor area
Some photos that wouldn't fit into the previous four categories. As the header says, taken around the South-eastern fringe of Dartmoor. If I go back there, I'd like to add more to this gallery, going more into central Dartmoor. Who knows; maybe in a year or two?
Looking into a valley which has the picturesque village of Holne in it.
Holne Church.
Can anyone tell me what this plant is? It has some of the biggest leafs I've ever seen!
The river Dart, looking upstream from Dart Bridge.
On the moor. Gone are all the arable farmlands, replaced by... moor! This overlooks Venford reservoir.
Another moor photo from a relatively high altitude.
One more moor pic!
Some parts of Devon seem to have really red soil, as this shot near Bow shows.
Taken just off the Town square in Winkleigh. Wouldn't want to mess with this guy!
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