Around Exeter

Exeter has one of the longest and most distinguished histories of any of the Cities of Britain. It can be traced back to Roman times. Today, Exeter is a the regional capital of the South West.

The photos here were taken during a brief walk around the City.
The classic view of Exeter Cathedral. From this angle, it always looks as though the Cathedral gets wider from its west end toward the east? Exeter Cathedral has the second heaviest ring of bells in the country, with the tenor weighing in at 72 cwt.
Looking up to the organ case. As with quite a few cathedral organs in Britain, the main part of organ is located on a central screen.
Some basses of the organs 32' Open metal stop.
A look down the High Street...
...And up the High Street.
A shot of the High Street. Notice how an otherwise bare wall has been made to look really interesting.
Exeter guildhall. This has served at the centre of Exeter’s civic life for more than 800 years. The council has to fork out for one of the bollards in front to be straightened!
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