Around Hatherleigh

Hatherleigh has been a market Town for over a thousand years.

Unfortunately, there were major road-works going on when I visited, which rather spoiled the beauty of the Town.

Our "whistle-stop" tour starts at the Church.
The parish Church of St. John the Baptist. The spire (which I couldn't get a great deal in for this shot) is new, as we'll see soon!
The interior of the Church.
Why do these pews have new bits on them? Well - there was a bad storm in 1990, during which the original steeple was blown off the tower, damaging the roof, and some of the Church fabric.
On the edge of the Town square, showing the Church with its new spire in all its glory.
Looking up Market Street...
...and down Market Street.
High Street. Shame about the road works.
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