Around Manaton, Hound Tor and Becka Falls

A gallery of photos taken during a walk around the places mentioned above. A good mix of climbing, woodland, tors and a waterfall make the scenery pretty varied.

The famous "Bowerman's Nose" can be found here.
The 15th century church at Manaton.
Here's our first destination - Hayne Down.
A quick stop to take a breather, and a photo of where we've come from.
A decent vantage point near the top of Hayne Down.
The distinctive Bowerman's Nose. If you want to know more, go here.
Another shot, this time with this stone formation more the subject.
On the other side of Hayne Down, looking back.
Our next destination - Hound Tor. Reputed to be the inspiration for the Hound of the Baskervilles story. See the link earlier for the story behind the Tor!
A view from the top of Hound Tor. Haytor Rocks can be seen in the distance, to the left.
Just before we go into some woodland, let's have a quick look at general direction in which we'll be going.
A small clapper bridge over a stream.
Our last chance to see Hound Tor.
Two pictures of Becky Falls. This is part of Becka Brook, and there is a total of 70' drop. Soon after this, Becka Brook flows into the River Bovey.
There are better photo opportunities from the other side of Becka Brook, but time was running away. You also have to go into part of the Becky Falls estate.
No trip to a village would be complete without a visit to the church (if it's open). Here's the interior of Manaton church.
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