Some shots taken around Manuden and "the Pelhams"

Yet another companion gallery for one of the walks on this site. The photos here were taken during the formulation of this walk. They were accumulated during three sessions, which explains the different weather conditions, also the crops in the fields!

The commentary for each photo only makes proper sense when viewed alongside the map and directives for the walk!
As usual, this walk starts by a church. This is the parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Manuden.
Just before we head out of the village, let's look at some cottages just to the south of the church.
After walking a few minutes west of the church and going through the remote graveyard, we cross a lane to this location...
...then another lane to here!
After crossing this bridge, we continue to Chatter End...
...then past this phone box. Yes - it does work - I tried it!!!
Some pylons on the Essex/Hertfordshire border.
This shot was taken at pretty much the same location as the previous one, but the year before during harvest.
A sunflower picked out in detail!
A lane just after turning left at "bogs cottage".
After carrying on along the lane in the last picture, let's just look back to where we've come from, before the view disappears!
Just about to go through Patmore Heath. This is a nature reserve. To find out more, go here
The final part of the outbound walk can be seen here. We're heading for Furneux Pelham. Click here to see a small video clip taken here with my Toshiba camera.
We're now in the area which appeared distant in the previous photo (and the video clip if you watched it!) Furneux Pelham is just over the brow of this hill.
A quick glance to where we have come from.
Just before walking along The Causeway into Furneux Pelham, we pass this marvellous cottage.
On the outskirts of Furneux Pelham.
St Mary the Virgin church at Furneux Pelham...
...and the rather unusual message on the tower!
Inside the church, there are some angels inside the roof, appearing to support it.
There is also this, which goes some way to explaining the message seen outside.
This was the once famous brewery at Furneux Pelham. Now converted into abodes.
Not sure what this signifies, but this was in someone's front porch, between Furneux Pelham and Stocking Pelham.
Looking in the direction of Stocking Pelham, we're walking towards a major power sub-station.
This sub-station is coming into view.
This sub-station is shared between Essex and Hertfordsire, pretty much in exact portions. This can be seen here by the County Markers.
Power transmission lines between the transformers.
After walking past the sub-station, past a water tower then turning right, we go through this gate. Don't be tempted to turn left after the gate, as it's a private property!
Yet another aspect of a pylon. Note the bolts going through the frame as a form of steps.
The conning tower of Stansted Airport can be seen in the distance...
...and a plane going towards the airport.
Walking back into Manuden along Butt Lane.
St Mary the Virgin in Manuden again, just before a mid-October sunset.