Miscellaneous Photos 1
A collection of pictures which I couldn't categorise into any specific theme. These may be looked on as "out-takes".
Don't stand here too long, else you will get drenched!This was to test the macro facility on my camera!
Don't stand here too long also, else you will get squashed!
On the same squashing subject, I thought I'd try an "arty" shot looking directly down a rail (in a totally different location to the above.) Does it work for you?
Cressing Church, Essex. These trees have been pruned to within an inch of their poor lives!
Believe it or not, the path I have to take now, according to my OS map is straight ahead, across the "blooming" rape-seed! Yes; I did find a way-marker pretty much at the end of it!
I must say that this is a first for me. As you can see, there is a way marker under this pylon near Bulford Mill, Essex.
While I was there, I pointed the camera upwards for this shot! It's a little bit "Squiffy". Maybe I should have used the Neutral/Earth cable at the very top as a guide?!
This is 2 or so miles from Newport, Essex. For some reason this "escaped the net", and should have been placed elsewhere, but I've placed it in this part of the gallery.
Okay; let's get this straight. When I started writing the contents of this site, I didn't want to do the really egalitarian thing of just including a string of pictures of me in various situations! Well; I can't resist just this one shot. The Company I work for has been given a "Queens award for export". The Duke of Kent came to our workshop to present this award . Here is a picture, almost literally of me "rubbing shoulders with Royalty" during his tour! We're discussing the various functions on the console (keyboards) being refurbished for the Royal Albert Hall. This picture was taken by a professional photographer the Company hired.
Well; until I saw this sign, it had never occurred to me to have a barbecue in Epping Forest!