Miscellaneous Photos 2

A second helping of out-takes from various excursions with my Camera(s). This gallery may grow in the next few months.

In this gallery, all the original Exif details have been left in, so any die-hard digital photographers can see the information (ie. camera used, shot speed, aperture size, equivalent ASA speed, focal length [for my Canon] and so on.....)

As a pedestrian, you get the choice of going over or through. If you're a driver however, you have a detour of about 2 miles when there's a torrent here! Taken just outside Great Easton, Essex.
Winston Churchill immortalised here (in Westerham.) This is close to his country house in at Chartwell.
An experiment to see how narrow a depth of field I can achieve. In the nearest pod of mature rapeseed, there is only a small part of it in focus! All camera "automatic functions" are turned off here!
A warning to all that pass here! (near Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex.)
The first of three wrecked and decayed boats in Essex! This one is fairly near the location of the previous photo, near Burnham-on-Crouch...
...Then this, the first of two from St. Osyth, Essex...
...Finally the third on this theme of wrecked boats, also near St. Osyth.
This nasty looking crane, with its jaw on the end is just about to chew up a bit of the east end of London. It's a good job in this case, because the building being demolished is pretty hideous!
A view of Linton park mansion, near Maidstone, Kent. I enlarged the original of this to A4 size, and it looks marvellous as the printed article. The background extends several miles.
An arty attempt, looking north along London's millennium bridge toward St. Paul's Cathedral. Notice that the west towers of the Cathedral are covered up, due to an ongoing cleaning programme.
I've made this shot slightly larger than is normal in these galleries. The width should be the same as is with landscape type shots, so as a vertical shot, it will appear tall. Taken near Woodhams farm, on the Harcamlow way, Essex. Just a mass of metalwork from some aspects.
The other side of the mansion. This time there is no background, as we're looking upwards. Note the ha-ha to keep the sheep in check!
Washing day! I spoke to the owners of this barge. They had come from the West Midlands, using the Grand Union canal. The day after this was taken, they were going to brave it onto the Thames. Taken at the Limehouse Basin, East London.
Carry on past the last photos' location, turn left, then you'll end up on part of the North Thames footpath. This and the next two shots are taken from the footpath.
This fascinating apartment block is made in the image of a ski-jump slope!
The Canary Wharf tower viewed through a gap between some equally innovative apartments.
A crowded lock along the River Lee, just outside Waltham Abbey, Essex.