Some views from part of the North Downs, Kent
Part 2
Some more views from the North downs. This gallery ends with some of the best views of the entire range of the North Downs.

At the end of the gallery, there are some views from the Broad and Wye Downs (part of the North Downs way.)
A retrospective look to Wye Church, from where this part of the North Downs walk started.
A Crown cut into the chalk hillside to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII by college students, on the Wye college estate on 12th June 1902.
Looking towards our next destination, Crundale. This seems to be a remote Church, with nothing else around!
A view looking back to where we've been, from this remote Church...
...And the Church itself.
An old steeplechase track, seen soon after leaving Crundale Church. It's not used anymore.
This, and the next few shots look over the "Broad  Downs" and "Wye Downs" (part of the North Downs way.) I had to be careful with these, as the shots were mainly taken into a setting sun! These are some of the best views over the North Downs...
...I'll cut out the commentary for a while, as the following has to be seen and not heard!
Couldn't resist this one! still a mile or so back to the origin of the walk, but it was still (just) light when I got back to the car!!!
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