The Portsmouth Gallery
Portsmouth is a City which I have a great affection for. It's the place I was born and spent my first 17 years. I hardly need to mention that it is a major British maritime City.

I'm going to give you a very short geographical introduction to the City to start with, to make you aware of where the photos were taken. Most of Portsmouth is on an island called Portsea Island. It has two magnificent natural harbours. One to the west (Portsmouth harbour,) and one to the east (Langstone harbour.)

The western harbour is its main one, and the one which all major shipping goes in and out. This is where the famous Portsmouth dockyard is.

The gallery starts by going from west to east along the sea-front. It then goes inland for the next part. It ends up looking over the entire City from Portsdown Hill.

The gallery has been split into three for now to make navigation easier.
A walk along the seafront
A bit more inland
The Spinnaker Tower