Portsmouth's sea front
Photos taken on the sea front at Portsmouth. In its entirety, this is nearly a five mile stretch. I've tried to organise these photos walking west to east.
The most recent landmark in Portsmouth, the millennium tower. This 170 metre tall construction is near the entrance to Portsmouth harbour. When finished, it will take the shape of a spinnaker. See it now it's finished.
Looking down Broad Street, Old Portsmouth. Old Portsmouth is so called, because that's where the City has its origins.
A former fortification, simply now known as "round tower". This was built around 1418, and guarded the entrance to Portsmouth harbour.
A view of Gosport, to the west of Portsmouth. The apparently small building in the middle of shot is Holy Trinity. This Church is famous for having the composer Handel, at its musical forefront. This Church used to dominate the skyline!
While I was here, I was lucky enough to see a major ship leave the harbour. This is HMS Ocean, and is a helicopter carrier.
As it says, Clarence pier. Just off-shot to the right is a funfair. A popular place during the tourist season.
A "Hovertravel" hovercraft just leaving Clarence pier. This is the fastest way to the Isle of Wight, and takes a mere 10 minutes (the car ferry is 35-45 minutes!)
A more rustic part of Portsmouth's sea front. This narrow sea-path is just in front of Southsea Castle (built in 1544.) Southsea Castle was built for Henry VIII to protect the country from invaders.
South Parade Pier. This is not the first pier to be built here. It has been destroyed by fire a few times. I actually witnessed the most recent fire which was during the filming of the rock-opera, Tommy (June 11th, 1974.) The pier is 183 metres long.
The canoe lake, a short distance from the South Parade Pier. During the tourist season, this lake is full of canoes and rowing boats. Out of season, it's a popular place with swans!
Looking due south from Portsmouth. The next land mass you would be able to see, if earth curvature didn't get in the way, is north-western France!
Looking west from the Eastney part of the sea front towards all the places we've been so far. Okay, you'll need your binoculars!! Notice the alternately coloured beach huts!
The most south-eastern point of Portsea Island. The view here is to the south-western part of Hayling Island.
This is a view looking north along Langstone harbour (Portsmouth's eastern harbour) to Portsdown hill (you can just make it out in the background.) This was taken from a jetty which is very popular with fishermen.
There is a site you can view the entrance to Portsmouth harbour. It's a "web-cam" type thing, and displays live views across the harbour. It's updated at the rate of about 3-4 frames per second with a broadband connection. Click here to see what's going on now. It operates 24/7. You do however need to have Java enabled for the browser you're using.
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