The area around Purleigh

Yet another gallery taken during one of the walks described in this site. This walk is in the central/north-eastern part of Essex. The Estuary of the river Blackwater can be seen from some of the higher, northeastern-facing parts.

There are some views near the end of the walk which look over a good few miles. This gallery was shot on a day with good (as opposed to excellent) visibility. It was also rather hot, which explains some of the "heat haze" seen, especially in some of the high focal-length shots.

The photos were taken during a bit of a heat-wave in July 2006. Some of the recent temperatures have been over 34 degrees Celsius (very hot for the UK.) Sit back; enjoy and feel the heat!!

The commentary for some of the photos may only make proper sense when viewed alongside the map and directives for the walk!

Walking westward along Church Hill. We're going to turn right soon.
After this right turn, there is a marvellous view for a short while. This looks eastwards, towards Maldon, the Blackwater estuary, and beyond to the Bradwell power station (now decommissioned.)
While we've got the zoom on, let's point it towards a vineyard; quite a rarity in the UK.
We've walked down to the vineyard, changed the lens for the camera's standard one, and are now having a closer look at the groves of this vineyard
After walking along this track, turning left onto a road, then right at a junction...
...there's this view. The weeping willow signifies it's time to turn left onto a footpath. When we've done that...
...we are here, walking along the right edge of a field.
After a few moments, there is the rather majestic figure of this dead tree to the right.
This is a lane we've picked up to take us to a road, and out of Corporation Farm...
...but just before the road, I had to capture this modern take on Constables "The Haywain"!
While walking between some of the many white tipped posts, as described in the walk directives, we cross this field.
Just a quick look down tells you that the weather has been predominantly dry for the last few weeks. These cracks are really deep.
Before entering Thrift Wood, a brief glance left gives you this view.
Now in Thrift Wood. Just a few hundred metres, then...
...we're out in the open again.
Walking along the edge of a really green looking field. Anyone got any ideas what it is growing here?
You wouldn't think it from this shot, but...
...just over the brow of the hill, there are some splendid views in store, starting here.
The most obvious view is the tower of the church at Purleigh, seen here...
...but further afield, there are some real corkers! Another distant view of the Bradwell power station.
This looks a bit further west than the previous shot.
We've been walking gradually downhill to a road. We turned left along that road, then right at a footpath sign. This is that footpath. Shortly, a few more great views.
Through a gap on the left, we can briefly see Purleigh.
Out in the open again, just outside Purleigh. A view to the north-east.
Another view in the direction of the power station at Bradwell.
The same view-point as the last shot. We're looking slightly left, and down a bit!
Here are a few equine friends I made while walking across this meadow on the outskirts of Purleigh.
Purleigh church from the south-east. What's this however... There isn't a weather-cock on the tower, there's a weather-fish instead!
Let's do a double-take on that... Yes - it is a fish! I think this is simply a symbolic emblem of Christianity (loaves and fishes...) Anyone know more? Answers on a (electronic) postcard please!
Along with this photo, let's have a really short history of one of the vicars of this church. He (Lawrence Washington) was born in 1602. He had a famous Great grandson, George Washington. Yes, the first President of America (1789-1797.) See - you can learn little trinkets of information viewing this site (not that much though!!)
The almost obligatory (by now) interior of the church - All Saints, Purleigh. Before we leave the gallery here, there is a rather important thing to know. Read on...