The area around Radwinter

This is another gallery taken during one of the walks described in this site. The walk starts from Radwinter, skirts the fringes of Thaxted then returns to Radwinter. A lot of the return leg is along the Harcamlow Way.

These shots were taken just after harvest time, so the fields all look barren.

The commentary for each photo only makes proper sense when viewed alongside the map and directives for the walk!

Go here to find out about this delightful Village.
A glance back to the Town before we leave it.
Another look back, but this time we're out of the Town.
A pill-box bunker in Mortlock's farm
This house signifies it's time to turn left (viewed after we've turned.)
All is safely gathered in!
I wonder what the inspiration for this property name was?
We'll be turning right soon. At some times during the year, the way can be over-grown after this turn.
Looks like this years Christmas trees in the making!
On the outskirts of Thaxted. This is the end of the outward-bound part of the walk.
Thaxted viewed from part of the Harcamlow Way.
I couldn't resist this shot of a vehicle around the Woodhams farm area. I guess it's waiting for restoration?
This is the second time we've been under this power line, but this time I've stopped to take a photo of it!
We have to cross this bridge. The bridge is actually more secure than it looks in this picture!
A view to the area we are about to walk, although much of it will be along a shady bridleway.
This is that bridleway. It can be pretty muddy at some times during the year.
A glimpse of Rowney Woods.
We've just crossed the river Pant, and are now looking back to the two options, either over (on foot,) or through (on horse-back.)
Some pleasant meadow walking follows.
This poor tree has been pruned to look like a comic face!
On the outskirts of Wimbish. There's a right turn for the "home straight" coming.
Radwinter coming back into view.
Radwinter Church. Parts of it date back to the 12th century.
A few of the buildings in this Town, including the post office on the right.