The area around the Hall
A few pictures taken around the periphery of the Royal Albert Hall. There is a shot with the Albert memorial in the foreground with the hall behind. This displays real Victorian "over-the-topness" (if there is such a phrase!)
A view of the North side of the Albert Hall, looking from Hyde Park.
This is a very rare shot for me. I don't normally take pictures looking at subjects "square-on", as I find it boring! Here I tried to line up the Albert memorial and the Hall exactly so everything is "plumb".
The splendid new South porch. This was added to the hall in 2003, and blends in very well. Given a few British winters it will look even better!
Looking from a relatively new concourse to the South side of the Hall. Again, this shot is nearly "plumb" with the surroundings, though it wasn't intended this time.
I've turned my back on the Hall now. The building in the foreground is part of the Royal College of Music. Behind this can be seen the top of 'Queen's Tower', part of Imperial College, which contains a ring of 10 bells (38 cwt. tenor.)
The building to the right, with the flag pole sticking out from it is the old Royal College of Organists address. Many of the Worlds finest must have honed their skills here?
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