City Church ruins
All Hallows, Staining
The original Church on this site survived the Great Fire, but collapsed in 1671, due to "excessive burials"! A new Church was built in 1675. The building, apart from the tower was removed in 1870. Location: Marks Lane, EC3
Christchurch, Newgate
A building on this site can probably traced back to 1306, and was possibly the largest in England then. Rebuilt by Wren after the Great Fire. Gutted during WWII and now left as a garden.
Location: Newgate Street, EC1
St Alban, Wood Street
This was one of a number of Churches in the City with the same 'dedication'. St Alban was Britains first martyr! The rest of the building destroyed during WWII, this is all that remains.
Location: Wood Street, EC2
St Alphage, London Wall
Just a few feet South of the original North wall of the City. Well - The board here should tell you the story!
Location: London Wall, EC2
St Augustine with St Faith
Had to take this looking North-east, else St. Paul's Cathedral would dominate! Although St Paul's miraculously survived WWII relatively unscathed, this Church was gutted.
Location: New Change, EC4
St Dunstan in the East
There is a story that during a storm someone once hurried to tell Wren that all of his steeples had been damaged. 'Not St. Dunstan's,' he replied confidently! It wasn't during WWII either, but the rest of the Church was. Now a garden.
Location: St Dunstans Lane, EC4
St Martin Orgar
All that remains is the churchyard, and on its North side the Italianate former rectory and slender corner campanile built by John Davies for St Clement Eastcheap in 1851-3.
Location: Martins Lane, EC4
St Mary, Somerset
The tower stands in what was a heavily blitzed stretch of the City. It was not a victim of WWII per se, but the original Church was demolished by an Act of Parliament in 1874!
Location: EC4
St Olave Jewry
Situated just a short way from Poultry, this Wren Church, apart from its tower, was demolished in 1888. The proceeds from the sale of land were used to build a new Church in the developing suburbs - St Olave's at Manor Park.
Location: St Olave's Court, EC2
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