Shoreham, Kent
One of the first of what I'm sure is going to be a collection of many photos galleries taken during walks in Kent.

The walk starts from Shoreham, goes west before returning along the river Darent.
During a pretty steep start to the walk. A hillside cross looking over Shoreham.
The view back to the town from the cross.
At one point, this walk crosses one of the fairways of a golf course! I stayed fairly hidden for this shot, as there was someone about to tee-off along this fairway!
A view looking towards the start of the return path (mostly along the river Darent.)
A splendid railway viaduct on the outskirts of Eynsford.
A rather well camouflaged house along the bank of the river Darent.
The gate-house of Lullingstone Castle.
Looking through the Lullingstone Castle gate-house to Lullingstone House. It was out of season here, so this is the closest I could get to it!
A somewhat typical Kent scene. A hop field in close proximity to arable farmland of some sort! The only thing this shot needs is an oast house or two in its background!
A "down to earth" view of the river Darent.
Nearing the end of the walk. I guessed there was a way to view the Church at Shoreham, and also get the hillside cross in the same view (featured at the beginning!) Had to take a detour for this shot!
St. Peter & St. Paul, Shoreham. I'm not sure of the date of the building, but official parish registers go back to 1558.
The primary school, Shoreham.
A rather historic looking building in Filston Lane, Shoreham. I'm not sure of its origin. Maybe someone with local knowledge can let me know?
This is the other side of the hill we've just climbed, looking down from Meenfield Wood.
A zoomed view looking to Lullingstone House.
This ostler box can be found at the Kings Arms pub. For more information, read the notice!