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25th June, 2023
Changes to route descriptions on a couple of walks.
15th April, 2023
A walk added from Kent
7th August, 2021
Another walk added from east Kent
11th May, 2019
A walk near Faversham, Kent, going through an ancient place!
1st January, 2019
A walk from a church with a peculiar name!
29th December, 2018
Another walk added, from Canterbury
1st January, 2018
A walk added from east Kent
21st April, 2017
Another walk added
4th January, 2017
Another Walk from Kent
1st October, 2016
Yet another walk from Kent
24th April, 2016
Another walk added from Kent
27th December, 2015
A walk added from east Kent
26th September, 2015
Some issues, which caused the bottom of some walks pages to be invisible, addressed.
26th September, 2015
Another walk from Kent
25th December, 2014
A walk to offset the excesses of Christmas day!
26th July, 2014
Another walk from Kent.
14th December, 2013
My second walk from Kent. I have more planned, so watch this space.
7th December, 2013
A feature on an old audio medium.
20th August, 2012
A walk added from east Kent. Hopefully the first of many from the area.
28th March, 2012
Yet another walk, this time from an area to the east of a town that's just
been promoted to a city!
7th October, 2011
Another walk from Essex, starting from a Saxon church!
1st May, 2011
Another walk added to ever growing collection.
25th December, 2010
Decorations put up on home page.
6th March, 2010
Some details of a serious electronics project I had some while ago added to the site.
10th February, 2010
A project I had a year or two ago. Been off work for a few days, so I thought I'd resurrect
it for something to do. Find it here.
26th November, 2009
Another walk added.
15th November, 2009
You can now follow my sad little life on Twitter.
25th August, 2009
Another photo gallery added. As it's been a really long time since the last gallery was added, I thought I would include these shots, taken last weekend around a particularly
attractive area in the "home counties".
18th May, 2009
A walk added from further south than most on this site!

The sat-nav file given for this walk is the more universal *.GPX type, rather than the hither-to given Garmin format! All other existing walk files on the site will be retrospectively altered.
18th January, 2009
An ebook of elementary bell-ringing has been added. I wanted to do this as a resource for my site visitors, as many arrive at the site looking for information on ringing.
6th January, 2009
Tacky Christmas decorations taken down and stored for another year!!
27th December, 2008
Some tinkering around with the drive mechanism for the index page scrolling system!
27th November, 2008

Parts of the site have been down for maintenance. Also, I've changed the way I upload stuff, so if you're an avid site follower, that should explain any irregularities in the past dew days!

I'm working on another two walks, which should appear around the spring of 2009. Where are they from I hear you ask... Well - it's a secret for now! The only thing I'm going to say is that one of them is not from the usual Essex area ;-)
18th August, 2008

Another walk added from the Finchingfield area of Essex

30th June, 2008

Some of my walks (which I've re-visited recently) seem to be affected by crop growth. To highlight this, I'm introducing an outline at the beginning of the walk narratives, called "Black-spots"! Before you attempt the walk, take the information there into account.
15th April, 2008

A walk added from near Chelmsford, Essex
11th February, 2008

Another walk added from the Essex/Suffolk border.
23rd January, 2008

A World class stadium with some record breaking attributes.
14th October, 2007

This photo gallery has been augmented. Go on - just click to see it!
12th October, 2007

A couple of photo galleries added, both from Devon. To see them, go here and here.
11th August, 2007

A couple of parts of the Manuden walk's wording slightly changed after some observations by a site visitor who did the walk. I did the walk today, and agree with them!
11th June, 2007

A walk added from somewhere in the south for a change!
26th March, 2007

At last, another walk from the Essex area! Click here to go right there.

A bit of a small mile-stone, as it's the tenth walk in this collection!
11th March, 2007

Another walk, from somewhere in north Essex will be coming within the next few weeks. I'll keep the actual location a mystery for now though!
15th February, 2007

Sorry there's been no recent posts on the site. One reason is that I need to take some photos of some recently added walks, so I'm waiting for the days to get to a decent length! The main reason however, is that I'm currently working on my biggest ever electronics project! To get a "sneak preview"...
...go here and here
27th November, 2006

Another addition to the photo gallery, from Dartmoor, Devon
8th November, 2006

Another walk added. Where from? Just click to see!
1st November, 2006

Two galleries added in one day - what a record! This is to try and make up for all the time which the site has appeared to be dormant!

If you hold your mouse over the new buttons in this menu, you can find the very latest entries' hints have 2006 (in brackets) after them.

There are more galleries which will appear pretty soon, of some rugged terrain in Dartmoor. Watch this space.
23rd August, 2006

Sorry for the missing photo gallery thumbnails on the gallery index today. This has now been resolved. The problem was originally caused by my former hard-disk failing (which has various knock-on effects!) Fortunately, I had a very recent backup.

Anyway, for less than the price I paid for the original disk, I've now got one over twice the size!

The moral of this story is DO REGULAR BACKUPS (sorry to appear so patronising there!)
15th August, 2006

Amended schematics on the pulsator pages.
28th July, 2006

A photo gallery from around Purleigh, Essex added.
10th June, 2006

A photo gallery from around Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire added.
29th May,2006

Another walk added, this time not from Essex!
12th May, 2006

A photo gallery of a spectacular tourist attraction added
5th May, 2006

A few links updated.
1st May, 2006

Another walk added to the walks page
17th March, 2006

Updates to a few pages.
7th March, 2006

A new walk (from Essex of course!) added to the walks page.
13th February, 2006

New photo gallery added around West Essex and East Hertfordshire. This accompanies one of the walks on the site.

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