Southend gallery

This gallery is mainly about the amazing pier at Southend on sea. This is the longest "pleasure pier" in the world at 1 1/3 miles.

The photos here were taken on a blustery day, and is was a job to keep the camera still enough for some of the shots!
Let's start with a couple of shots of the shopping centre.
We can see the sea ahead. That's where we're heading.
Looking west along the sea-front.
Looking east just to balance things up!
When it's finished, this is going to be the easy way from the Town to the sea-front.
Looking along the amazing pier from the shore. The little bit on the left at the end is part of the pier-head.
At last we're on the pier. Over a mile and a quarter to go to the end!
For those unwilling or unable to walk to the end, there is a train service.
Probably about half distance.
Just before the new pier head, there is an arcade where you can get refreshments. Even those of the alcoholic variety! This is the original pier head.
Nearly at the end. Only a few more metres from this, the original pier head to the new one.
On the pier head, looking back down the west side of the pier.
Looking from the east most tip of the pier head. This gives some impression of the entire length of the pier.
A new RNLI building.
Looking east along the pier head.
In the distance, you can see the coast-line of north Kent.
A view looking west along the pier head.
Ah well - it's time to head back.
Like it says, one mile to go.
This train car was one of the first to do the shuttle service to the end of the pier.
A view from the shore, using a touch of zoom.
Mind the rods!
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