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An overview
Stage 1 - Grabbing the inputs!
Stage 2 - The processor board
Printed Circuit Boards
Getting it all together
Installation instruction manual
User instruction manual
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On most of the pages, the pictures can be clicked on to open full-size shots.

There are times when I mention technical stuff and sound a bit geeky. I'm sincerely sorry for this, but sometimes there are no other words to use, apart from thingummy-jig, doo dah and so forth!

At present, the installation documentation is not finished. The only person to have installed one of these systems is myself, so it was hardly worth sorting this out earlier. There may be some rough edges in it, as I haven't been through the grammar and logic with a fine-tooth comb!

The user guide applies to the only instrument the system is installed on at the moment. This is a unique document, as all organs are different.