Thaxted, Essex
The contents of this gallery was taken around Thaxted, Essex. This is a Town I have a great affinity for, as I stayed in it from my late teens until I moved away from it in 1999. I moved there originally to work for an organ builder that was based in the Town. The organ builder ceased trading in 1997. The original factory has now been converted into 3 separate dwellings.

Why is the Church so big for a modest sized Town? Well; there were thriving cutlery and woollen industries around Thaxted during the 15th century.

An annual event in the Town is Morris weekend. Morris dancers come from all over the Country to celebrate it. This weekend happens early in June. The historical reason for Morris dancing is to encourage the years crops to be fertile. It's also an excuse to drink to excess (like I ever need it!)

Thaxted is very popular with tourists, who come to enjoy its history and great views.
Looking down the main Street in Thaxted towards the famous Guildhall (well; relatively famous.)
A rather unusual view of the Guildhall. Most pictures of it seem to be taken looking from the east! You can see the flat I used to stay at just to the left of the lime coloured house (the top two rooms.) The lilac coloured house on the extreme left is where Holst lived. I believe he composed the famous "planet suite" while staying there.
The subject of this shot is Clarence House. This is where young people come to, for typical "student exchanges".
Thaxted Church in its full grandeur! I wanted to take a horizontal shot of it, but the top of the tower was cut off!
The tower of this magnificent Church...
...And its bright inside. Maybe Oliver Cromwell had something to do with its bright appearance?!
A "watering hole" I used to frequent as a teenager! When I moved to the Town, the Swan Hotel was a typical Country pub! Not quite so much now though, as with most places, it's been commercialised to a great degree!
Looking upwards, from the bottom of Orange Street. The large building at the top used to be an organ building factory!
Looking towards Thaxted Town centre. This shot was taken from just outside the front of the original Organ building factory.
The splendid windmill at Thaxted. This was built by John Webb, a local farmer and landowner, in 1804. It went through a spell fairly recently when it was fully functional, but has fallen into a relative state of disrepair right now, and is waiting for money to be spent on it.
A distant view of Thaxted. I took this while going out of the Town for a decent walk!
One of the classic views of Thaxted. The Church and windmill in the same shot.
Another view of the Church interior, this time from the east.
Thaxted coming back into view after the walk.