Some shots taken around Tilty and the Eastons

A companion gallery for the walk published on this site. These photos were taken in an area of Essex which is near Stansted airport.

There are plans to massively enlarge the airport, which if were realised, would devastate some of the land walked here.

This is the first of hopefully many galleries taken with my latest camera, a Canon EOS 350D. There are however a couple of shots taken with my trusty old Toshiba PDR-M81, which I still hold with high regard. I'll point these out.

I had a job selecting the photos here, so ended up including loads of them!

The commentary for each photo only makes proper sense when viewed alongside the map and directives for the walk!
Just turned off the road for the first bit of footpath walking.
Great Easton can be seen in the distance here.
Didn't get the time to slip the zoom lens on for this one, a plane on final for the airport.
Any time of year you pass here, this houses' hedge is immaculate!
This is the first part of the walk heading towards Bamber's Green. Quite a bit of this is enclosed. Not here however.
Just about to enter Bamber's Green. There is a tennis court on the property here! The next few shots are in this hamlet.
The yellow sign tells of Alistair Darling's proposal for the area.
We've just turned off the road from Bamber's Green. Now heading for a bridleway.
After walking across what can sometimes be a water-logged field, we cross this bridge.
Starting the walk towards Little Easton. There are some open fields to go through for a while.
One of two shots in this gallery taken with my Toshiba. This waymarker just says keep on keeping on!
Likewise with this signpost!
Approaching Little Easton. This pond is normally home for many ducks and Canada geese, although they seem a bit "camera-shy" here!
Before having a look at the exterior of Little Easton church, let's view some of the gems inside. Here is a wall painting depicting the "passion cycle" of Christ.
Looks like a corner for storing old artifacts. Notice the old stocks?
One of two recent windows. This is named "window of the crusaders". To learn more, go here.
An exterior view of Little Easton church.
The gates of Little Easton Manor. We actually have to go through these (well - round the side anyway!)
The second of two shots on this gallery taken with my old Toshiba camera. This shows some of the splendid topiary in the grounds of Little Easton Manor.
Our next destination is in the distance - Great Easton
Looking back on where we've been walking, just before entering Great Easton. This shot with the camera's standard lens...
...and this one with a higher focal length lens. Taken to (under)exaggerate the power line poles' distance apart!
A postcard picture of Great Easton!
Great Easton church, hiding behind a gravestone!
The ornate reredos of Great Easton church.
Our final part of the walk. You can see the footpath extending over the next three fields.
The "home straight". Tilty church coming in to view.
Tilty church.