Some pictures from Buckinghamshire

A particularly attractive part of The Chilterns makes an appearance here. These photos were taken during a walk which started at Ibstone Common. The quaint villages of Turville and Fingest are visited in this area of south-west of Buckinghamshire. We're not too far from the Oxfordshire border here.

The church at Turville features in The Vicar of Dibley, a British TV Sitcom. Also, there is a windmill overlooking Turville, which featured in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Sorry about some blobs in the lighter parts of some of the photos, but I really must get around to cleaning the sensor on my camera sometime. The swabs and fluid for doing this with however, are astoundingly expensive!

Our gallery starts with this picture of Ibstone Common
After walking through this area of woodland...
...we come to an uphill path.
There are some splendid views for a while, looking across the Chilterns.
This is the area we've just been walking through.
Zoomed in on the shot above. Notice a couple walking down on one of the footpaths.
Walking through Idlecombe Wood.
We're getting near the delightful village of Turville. It's just out of view here, in the valley ahead.
We'll be seeing a bit more of this windmill yet, but here's our first shot of it. We're pretty much on the same elevation as it at the moment, but just about to descend into Turville for a look around.
Standing in the church-yard, looking north(ish). Once again, the windmill making an appearance.
Let's have a change here. Normally I show church exteriors first, but we're looking inside first on this occasion.
The church of St Mary, Turville, AKA St Barnabas in The Vicar of Dibley! One minute however - what's that in the distance, just above the chancel?...
...Ah yes - I thought so - a low-flying windmill. Did I include a shot of it before!!!
Just before we leave this gorgeous village, let's have a "quickie" of some of its cottages.
Just walking into the neighbouring village, Fingest. The first thing we get a glimpse of is the church.
Back to my habit of showing church exteriors first. The unusual church of Fingest, with the volume taken up by the tower pretty much equalling that of the rest of the building!
And its interior, looking over the font to the east.
Nearing the starting point of the walk. A field of wheat just about to be harvested.
And an adjacent field being harvested.
The harvester going back the other way (I just had to watch it turning!).
Incase you missed it at the start, another view of Ibstone Common.