The north-west Wales gallery

This has been a really long time in the making. After scanning some transparencies into my computer, I thought I might include a few galleries of some shots I took long before my digital camera days (or anyone's for that matter.)

In many ways, the 35mm SLR camera format is still appealing. It has been said that, in order to get a really decent 35mm type photo, you need a digital camera equivalent to 20+ mega pixels!! Realistically this is still some time away, certainly for non-professionals.

The shots in this gallery were taken with my first "serious" camera, a Praktica MTL3, mostly with its standard 50mm, F2 lens.

The photos here were taken during two excursions I had to the top of Snowdon in a three day period. This is when I used to be somewhat younger than I am now, and on the second trip, I beat the train down by some considerable time.

There will not be any commentary on these shots, as I can't remember what to say for them (hooray I hear you say - no inane comments!) Just enjoy the views of this scenic part of Wales anyway. Point and click on the thumbnails at your leisure. As there is no commentary, the thumbnails are further right!

These shots were taken in 1982. Some of them have slight blemishes, but these have been left in.