In the wilds of Dartmoor is Widecombe. A pretty isolated place, and subject of a famous song about Widecombe fair (which ends "and uncle Tom Cobbley and all")

There are just three photos of the Town. There are also two photos at the end just outside Widecombe.
The west end of the Church with a small part of a stone cottage also in view.
St. Pancras. Sometimes referred to as "the Cathedral in the moor".
As it says, an old inn. 14th century I believe.
A real shame that it's a hazy day. I imagine this distant view of Widecombe would be marvellous in good visibility. Facing south this time of year doesn't help either!
Not actually Widecombe, but just a small way out. Hound tor can be seen on the right.
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Widecombe Fair - 2007
After winning its owner a rosette, the sheep in the foreground has worn itself out! Mind you, I don't blame it, or all the others for that matter, because it must be pretty boring here!
The local breed - Whiteface Dartmoors. The animals in this pen come from Manaton.
Reading the information on the board, it's little wonder this bull has to rest as much as possible.

*Read the transcript at the bottom of this page.
A range of ploughing tools from yesteryear.
Llamas. These animals always look amusing, with their long necks and rather supercilious looks!

**There is, once again, a transcript below.
At the far end of the fair. This gives a view over nearly everything. Everything, that is, apart from some farm machinery. Let's turn round and have a look.
A Lister stationary engine driving a grinder.
A small traction engine. I have heard it said that these smaller relatives of the full-size engines are somewhat harder to raise steam on, and possibly more-so, control that steam once it is raised.
A David Brown 25D tractor. These were made between about 1950-1957.
Another general view of the fair.
ERF was a British truck manufacturer, founded in 1933 by Edwin Richard Foden (hence the name!) This KV 4 wheel model has been restored impeccably.
A Town Criers convention?
On the way back to the car ( see***) A glance back to the fair.
* The information board for the bull reads:

Sired by Trewint Jubilee 10 and Dam Trewint Buttercup 154.

Trewint Jubilee Junior 12. Born 5th April 2001...

Trewint Jubilee Junior 12 is 6 years old and weighs 1300 kilos which is equivalent to 206 stones or 2866 lbs.

He has sired 127 calves between 2004 and 2007.

In 2006 he was breed champion at Devon County Show, Totnes Show, Mid Devon Show and Honiton Show. This year, 2007, he was Supreme Champion at Totnes Show and Reserve Breed Champion at Honiton Show.

***The roads around Widecombe, as with many parts of Dartmoor, are pretty narrow. Many are single tracks with passing places. In order to stage such a large event, the traffic patterns have to be changed during the day of the fair. This involves temporarily transforming the local road network into a large one-way system.

You sometimes have to leave your car some distance from the fair, and make use of a sort of "park & ride" system introduced specially for the day.
**The information board for the llamas reads: (and please note these are NOT my words!!)

The disgusting animals, which spit out of habit (and for no apparent reason), kick, bite and generally behave in an anti social and unacceptable manner are called Professional football players.

Llamas, on the other hand spit only when they are severely provoked, upset or frightened and display none of the other traits, neither do llamas kiss other male llamas and footballers would do well to emulate their behavior.

Has this cleared it up in your mind?