On the South-west part of Widdington church wall, there's this advice!
Widdington church
The day that these photos were taken (all bar two,) was one of those gorgeous warm summer days. This shot sets the mood for the rest of the gallery. Harvest seems early this year.
An attempted arty shot of Newport with the top of an OS triangulation station in the foreground. Quite a decent depth of field?
A spooky looking dead tree near "ringers barn".
Ahem... You may not want to take this footpath as published in the walk directives! (I did on this day however, and got stung by nettles.) I think there's an alternative in the field to the left that runs parallel to this path.
After crossing this field, going through a gap then over a bridge, we're going to turn left
A photo to prove that Essex isn't all flat. No - I wasn't holding the camera askew!
Newport church tower just coming into view.
A rail-bearing viaduct on our way into Newport.
Newport church, taken on another day. This is the second time this photo has made an appearance in these galleries!
Some houses in Bury Water Lane, on our way out of Newport.
Nearly the last part of the outbound route can be seen stretching ahead.
Looking back from the top of the previous shot.
The last part of the outbound route as given in the directives. You can stroll into Wendens Ambo however. If you do....
....You'll see this sight. This was taken on another day. This is virtually the same shot as the one on the front of my OS map (explorer 195)!
Just about to walk under the M11 for the first time.
After the M11 tunnel, then a walk uphill, there are some views for miles and miles. First, this one of a chalk quarry (using a bit of zoom.)...
...Then this one. As you can see, on the day these was taken, visibility is excellent.
Just a brief stop at Wicken Bonhunt. The pub features here.
Wicken Bonhunt church.
In the distance is the radar scanner of carver barracks.
Rickling church. Apart from the church, there is just a farm and a few houses in this rather desolate spot.
After crossing the busy road in Quendon, this church is on the left.
Another panoramic view. The M11 is creeping up again, and can just be seen here. We'll be walking under it again soon.
The sequence here is up-down up, cross the railway, down up-down!!
On the outskirts of London Jock Wood. We have to walk around to the top of it before picking up the track that takes us back to Widdington.
This is that track!
The Fleur de Lys. I occasionally used this pub when I lived in the area.
This is Widdington.
The area in and around Widdington

A companion gallery for the walk published on this site. All but two shots were taken with my Canon EOS 350D, the remaining two were taken with a Toshiba PDR-M81.

The day I last did this walk was ideal. Warm and slightly breezy - great walking weather.

The commentary for each photo only makes proper sense when viewed alongside the map and directives for the walk!