"Companion gallery" to the Willingale walk

This is the first of hopefully many photo galleries which are aimed at accompanying my walks, as posted on this site.

The majority of the photos here were taken along the walks route, with a couple just off its tracks.

As you can see, the gallery was taken during different seasons!
The start and end of the walk. Here is the Church at High Ongar.
Nearing Norton Mandeville.
The small Church at Norton Mandeville now in sight.
The ever-present geese at Norton Mandeville. Whenever you're there, these animals are  somewhere about, to welcome you!
Part of the outbound walk. This years crop is rapeseed!
Willingale Doe (St. Christopher's Willingale.) For more information, see the accompanying walk.
Willingale Spain (St. Andrew's Willingale.) For more information, see the accompanying walk.
An attempt to get both the churches in the same shot from the road.
Here, both Churches can be seen together. This viewpoint is not actually from part of the walk!
Looking north towards Beauchamp Roding. I sometimes extend the walk to there. I may add the option to the walk as published here.
The Church at Fyfield.
Many farmers who grow rapeseed don't make the footpaths too easy to navigate, especially when it's nearing harvesting, and collapsing! No such problem here. If only all farmers were as considerate!
One of a series of footbridges over various ditches.
Hard to believe from this shot, but when there has been a lot of rain, this bridge over the river Roding all but disappears under the torrents!
Nearing the end of the walk. The path just after this seems to be eroding a bit due to the river, so its route has slightly changed recently.